A eco friendly dog prize contest!

A bunch of eco-friendly blogs are having contests to give away eco-friendly products that you definitely want to have in your house. The blog woofwoofmama is giving away an eco-friendly poop pickup power tool. This is a great prize worth $150!

To see all the other blogs just scroll down on the Poop pickup power tool page and enter all the blogs. I recommend entering all the contests because you have a chance to win something that is environment friendly.

Eco friendly animal shelters – the new thing?

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Animal shelters all over the U.S.A are changing things and going green.  They are realizing having an eco-friendly shelter is healthier for the workers and for the dogs, cats and other animals. Plus, it is wonderful for the environment. Ec0-friendly animal shelters is a sign that green is becoming more and more part of our society.

Here are just a few of the shelters that are eco-friendly:

Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation (Fairfield, Iowa)

Dorothy Park Pet Adoption Center (Ithaca, New York)

Animal Community Center (Milpitas, California)

Animal Care and Control Center (Jacksonville, Florida)

There are a few other ones in the USA, and a lot more going to pop up soon. Green is growing and there is so much you can do to make a shelter green. Not only the structure but the products. Eco-friendly products for the animals is another big step. Safe shampoos for the dogs and the enviroment.

If you know a shelter near you that is green go thank them for helping the environment. Also, if there is an animal shelter near you that hasnt gone green yet, why dont you go by and tell them about it. Inform them. Information is key.

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Eco-Friendly Doggie Den Cabinet and Indoor Doghouse

Want a place for your pooch to feel safe and secure but don’t want an ugly metal crate to be in your house? Here is a doggie den for your dog to have that blends in with the rest of the house. It’s made from eco-friendly rubber wood. It comes in espresso or mahogany finishes. It can also be used to hide the cat litter box.

Doggie Den Cabinet and Indoor Doghouse